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Mobile pop-up event

Small, Medium, Large Scale

Iglesia Pentecostal Church, Leimert Park

Huntington park

Mobile Clinic

Care is a mobile pop-up event intended to bring vaccine resources to understand communities. We are devoted to assisting communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area that have yet to develop trustworthy relationships with their healthcare providers. CARE is a mobile clinic to serves communities by building trust through a welcoming and friendly environment.


Soojung Yoo

Envrionmental & Product Designer

Athena Aquino

Graphic & Branding

Laurnen Johnston

Interaction Design

Weizi Song

Construction Details Consultant and Digital Frabricator

Jeremy Zerger

Prototyping Frabricator and Production Details Consultat

Environmental Design

User Research & Strategy

Brand Identity

Interaction Design

Installation Design

Produt Design


Get Out The Shot LA

Volunteer Experience

IMG_3185 2.HEIC.heic

Our team concept development by volunteering with LA-based vaccine pop-up events Get Out The Shot LA(GOTS) and MyCovid MD. These vaccine pop-ups root from the mind "Heart-Approach '' which is to deeply connect with the community and their issues to build trust with medical support and vaccines. We went to the field, volunteering at Southgate, Riverside, and Downtown LA to know and understand what the community needed. We created "Draw Your Dream '' exercise, where we visualized Liz from GOTS and Dr. NaNa Afoh-Manin from MyCovied MD's dream for vaccine equity. WE discovered the fun and festive approach to vaccine pop-ups to make communities feel welcomed and cared for in a system that hasn't prioritized them.

Brand Identity


care logo-01.png
brand identity-02.png

The CARE brand is iconic, but it is designed to be expanded upon. This allows CARE to hold longevity as it adapts in the future to support other community needs. The brand is designed to partner with any medical service, such as Kedren Hospital, Get Out The Shot LA, or MyCOVID MD.


HEX : #EE2737

RGB : 238 39 55

CMYK : 0 97 83 0


RGB : 157 216 215

CMYK : 37 0 17 0

HEX : #008753

RGB : 0 135 83

CMYK : 87 23 86 8


RGB : 255 138 27

CMYK : 0 56 97 0

HEX : #F3E5C9

RGB : 243 229 200

CMYK : 4 8 22 0

CARE allows everyone to feel welcomed with it’s celebratory environment and festive experience when receiving your vaccine. The festive and bright colors were chosen to provide comfort and warmth in any space we’re welcomed to.


brand identity-03.png


brand identity-04.png


brand identity-06-06.png


brand identity-05.png




Brand Identity


CARE is here to support communities

through building trust, providing comfort, and warmth in any space we're welcomed to with our festive and fun pop-up envents.


Care aims to impact our audience by utilizing frequented public spaces in the Grater Los Angeles Area to bring the vaccine to underserved communities.

We also aim to be a gateway to future health care endeavors, while building trust and making our audience feel deeply cared for.



Van & Interior Design


Colorful  and  festive application to the van was inspired by Dr.Nana From MyCovidMD and Liz From  Get Out The Shot LA.

Van & Storage System



The CARE Kit is a free custom kit filled with post-vaccination are items. It is given to all who receive the vaccine at our mobile pop up events. The kit includes a thermometer, a face mask, sanitizer a cold compress, medicine, band aids and a CARE kit flyer, available in English and Spanish.

Mobile & Deplyable

The CARE modular system is designed to be easy to unpack, set up and pack again. The amount of storage in the vans are customizable depending on the size of the mobile pop-up event. 

Modular Chart

Our modular system is designed to be compact and stackable. The modular storage units within the van are able to transform into parklets, chairs and tables outside for the Vaccination Area, Observation Area, and CARE Space.


Small Scale


The CARE van has a fun, welcoming, vibrant environment. People passing by can see this colorful set-up, get the vaccine and enjoy ice cream after.

Mid Scale _ Registeration &Vaccination Area

vaciine sj.tif

Visitors can use the iconographic and numbered signs to easily navigate the Registration and Vaccination area.

Mid Scale _ Observation Area


The CARE modular cubes can be converted to seating and a parklet setup to accommodate other guests waiting in the Observation Area.

Mid Scale _ CARE Space


While visitors is getting their shot, their kids can enjoy playing with chalk drawing activity and getting ice cream in the CARE Space.

Large Scale _ Enterance


Welcoming signage will be provided in both English and Spanish. Iconographic guide visitors easy to understand the program. Colorful Balloons provides playful and welcoming environment to the pop-up event.

Large Scale _ Register & Vaccination Area


The large pop-up event offers the J&J, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines. Doctors will be stationed at the Vaccination Area, ready to provide the shot, or for an emergency.

Large Scale _ CARE Space


In the Observation Area, there will be music and performances that guests can enjoy while they are waiting for their 15-30 minute duration.

Large Scale _ CARE Space


In Juice Bar area, all the guests can enjoy healthy and fresh juice. Guest can use their tote to carry free vegetables as a gift.

Large Scale _ CARE Space


The CARE Space also provides food that guests can enjoy while they are waiting in the Observation Area.

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