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Fine Dining Design

Los Angeles, LA

Yugen(幽玄) is a fine dining experience, with Chef Nakayama, in downtown LA.  In this space, guest will find beauty, hidden surprises of overlapping and reflected of light, and a brightening moment. 


Guests will enter through a fog, moving through the space, experiencing both reveal and hidden.  In the restaurant, guests will feel nature start to emerge from the structure.


Niki Nakayama


Niki Nakayama values local ingredients, and enhances the taste of each element.  Dishes are artistic, representing Chef Nakayama, and the story of the dish.  She appreciates each guest, remembering what they prefer, and serving it again in new ways.


Los Angeles, LA

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Between the Arts District and Little Tokyo, varieties of cultures gather here, and reinterpret LA.  Fresh ingredients are close by in the cities open markets, and multiple generations congregate here.



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At Enterance, there will be frosted glass hanging on the top and slightly angled wall create misterious element to the space. Light  on the ceiling guide guest to the restrant.


  • Brunt wood stairs 

  • Black glass panel

A long hallway lined with sandblasted, translucent glass leads guest inside.  Rough cement walls are a gradient of blue and gray, adding to the sensation of fog.


stair revise.jpg
  • Free food will be provide align to the culture

  • Container provides shading to space

Burnt wood stairways pass along the patina finished walls, and lead to the lounge.  Dark, rough finishes are inspired by walking through forests.


lounge revise.jpg
  • Frosted blue sliding divider

  • Cream marble creek flooring

  • Curved, stainless steel corners

Sliding frosted glass create layers of space, and create mysterious views of the room and it’s patrons.


bar1. recvisepsd.jpg
  • Frosted blue color Hanging glass

  • Rough, Nature stone for the bar table

  • Reflective stainless steel on the ceiling

The bar surface is stainless, over a rock slab that introduces natural surfaces. Colored glass and translucent fabric layering continue in the space. The linear pattern on the walls is reminiscent of rain on mountains.

Main Dining

dining revise.jpg
  • Translucent fabric and frosted glass create layers in the space

  • Natural rock and polished cement add contrast

Soft translucent fabric and frosted opaque glass panels create privacy, and mystery.  Natural rock retains the roughness of nature.

Group Dining Area

group dining revise.jpg
  • Natural light enters through a skylight

  • Outside, a Japanese garden

  • Soft hanging fabric provides privacy

Warm wooden walls, and tatami mat floor seating create a Japanese ambiance.  Light from the skylight above warms the room.  Guests can view a zen rock garden outside.

Material Stratagy



Tableware curated carefully refer to gthe rough and soft in nature. The menu is printed on hand made rice paper.

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